Notts Writing Group
Publication Date: 29 May 2015
This is the second anthology by the Notts Writing Group. In this anthology, the writers explore themes of change and transition. The stories cover a range of styles and genres as individual as the authors themselves, and some do contain adult themes and strong language. Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Framework, Nottingham.   http://www.frameworkha.org.
We regret this book is not yet available as an ebook. We will let you know when it is. Meanwhile, for details of where you can obtain the paperback, please email us.
STORIES IN SANDSTONE: A Nottingham Anthology
Notts Writing Group
Publication Date: 28 May 2013
Stories in Sandstone is an anthology of short fiction by the Notts Writing Group.
Each tale is based in and around Nottingham and all are soaked in colourful characters, local history and folklore. These sixteen individual stories cover a wealth of life and styles; the past, the present and imagined futures, yet each has the lovely crunchy grit of Nottingham.
And as a small bonus there are a series of writing exercises as recommended by members of the writing group.
But before going any further please be aware…… some stories contain strong language and some have adult themes.
If you’re still here (and we hope you are) then buckle up and enjoy the ride…. Happy reading and thanks for your company!
Profits from the sale of this book will be given to support
The Nottingham Women’s Centre
Glen King
Publication Date: 4 Oct. 2012
‘Fromage Afraid’ is the first ebook by author Glen King, an author writing especially for the Kindle generation. This book is a collection of 42 short stories written for your enjoyment and entertainment. Short enough to read in a stolen moment - on the tram, a bus, during a coffee break; but complex enough to capture the imagination.
How can we describe the tales that make up such a varied anthology? Well, some will make you smile and some will make you gasp in horror. Some are based in Nottingham and others in distant worlds. We can’t guarantee you will find the meaning of life contained within them. But we are pretty sure you will be made to think. And, of course, to be entertained.
And at less than 2p a tale this book is tremendous value!
Oh, and a warning, gentle reader. Very strong language is used throughout and many tales have an adult theme.
Kirsty Fox
Publication date: 10 September 2012
Roxanne is malnourished, Charlie is pretending, Claudia is complicated, Simian is undecided. Wolfgang is a bucket of jokes being kicked down the stairs. The shaggy-dog subplots of Northern cities are rudely interrupted when the North Atlantic Drift is dislocated and the country is thrown into chaos. Leaving their beloved Sheffield in ruins, a motley group of friends set out in search of food, shelter and ultimately a new way of life. They find themselves enthralled, yet at the mercy of a strange new world where modern culture is in decline and a whole new set of instincts apply.